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Ammouliani is a Greek island situated in the northern Aegean, it is the only inhabited island of Chalkidiki and has a length of approximately from 4,5 square kilometers up to 6 kilometres maximum, while the width does not exceed 2,5 km. Only about 630 people live permanently on the island, which is very close to Ouranoupolis, which is the last village before the monastic community of Mount Athos. Ammouliani island is also surrounded by the much smaller and uninhabited islands of: Drenia, Penna and Artemis.

The island of Ammouliani before 1922 was dependency of Vatopedi Monastery of Mount Athos, later was inhabited by Greek refugees who came from the islands of Marmara nearby Istanbul.

The island is well- known for the insiders as a place for fishing fresh fish. After all next to tourism, fishing is the major occupation of the islanders.

Between the Western Cape, called Kokkino and Eastern Cape called Trigona there are many small coves and beautiful sandy beaches. There are beautiful accommodations that are available even during the summer. To the west of the island there is the famous Alikes beach and to the east there is a wonderful beach called Gastri. Very close to Ammouliani are situated the uninhabitable small islands: Gaidouronisia, Drenia, Penna and Artemis which feature many beautiful sandy beaches. Both from Ammouliani but also from the mainland guests can rent motorboats and make day trips to these islands.

The beautiful sandy beaches are suitable for diving, because between the beaches there are beautiful, jagged rock formations that extend very deep into the Aegean sea.

The nearest airport is "Macedonia" in Thessaloniki can be reached in about 100 minutes. The transition can be reached by car, bus or with the help of tour operators.

The Guests of Ammouliani have the opportunity to visit the world famous monasteries perched on the slopes of Mount Athos.

Ammouliani can promises to all of its guests holidays full of joy, history and culture. Here, on an island with warm and friendly people get ready to experience holidays that will meet all your needs!

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